Are Calves Born in the Spring?

Welcome back to guest blogger, Val Christoph of Liberty Jersey Farms in Fallon, NV. It’s springtime – typically a time we think of budding trees, melting snow, and baby animals. But is springtime really the season for baby cows on a dairy farm? We decided to ask an expert….

Baby Jersey Calf at Liberty Jersey Farms

We really don’t have a “calving season” because the cows calve year round, but we do try to not have too many calve during the very cold months.  That means, starting in Feb and thru April, we have a lot of babies born!  It is very important to get the colostrum in them right away and to clip & dip the naval to prevent infection.  When they are a little older they get the vaccinations needed to prevent diseases.  We want to take very good care of them so they can grow up and get into the milking herd.  Our vet comes every three weeks for herd check and will be here this week.  Since I’m still the “sight seeing wife”, (see post, “Eyes for Two“) I get to help with that.  Bill has started to feed again in the morning, but still can’t see the scales well enough, so you guessed it. . . I get to tell him when he has loaded enough of each feed, which can be challenging!!!  We have managed to have some good laughs.

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