Blanketing Our Babies

Featured Farm Photo – March 2013

Blanketing Our Babies

Blanketing Our Babies

Tammy Munk farms with her husband, son, nephews, father-in-law, and brother-in-law in Amalga, Utah. She also loves photography and recently submitted this photo for our Featured Farm Photo Series. We caught up with Tammy to ask her a few questions about her photo and life on Munk Farms.

Describe the picture you have taken for our Featured Farm Photo Series:
Making sure that our baby calves are warm and fed is a big job on the farm. Thanks to wonderful employees like Emily our calves are very comfortable and lovingly cared for. All the new calves are wrapped in blankets so they can endure the cold temperatures.  It is nice to know that our employes care about the animals on our dairy.

How did you get interested in photography?
I have always loved taking pictures. When I was a little girl my grandfather gave my his old brownie camera. I loved that camera. I took two photography classes in high school and spent a lot of time taking photos and then  developing my pictures in the dark room. I did not do too much after that. I just took the pictures of my family growing up.   About 23 years ago I started oil painting with friends. 90% of the paintings we do are outside on location. I would study the location and try to find the composition I liked so I could paint it. I read a lot of books and studied a lot about composing. The more I studied the more I loved it. When my oldest daughter married, we paid a ton for pictures – they were beautiful,  but we did not get many. I took her and did her bridals – from then I was hooked. I did my other children’s engagements and bridals when they got married. With the back ground I had in art combined for the love of painting and photography, I ventured out and started a small business. I now do weddings and families.

What excites you about taking pictures?
I enjoy being outdoors. That is where I am most comfortable. I love the beauty of nature, whether it is large or small.  When I take pictures I love to capture feelings and memories. When I look back at the pictures I take or the paintings I paint, I love the memory of the moment. I want the picture to take those who look at them back to the place – to allow them to feel what they were feeling when I shot the photo – a warm breeze or the sound of a rushing river. It could be the excitement of being engaged, the elegance of being a bride, the joy of being married, the laughter of a child, or the love of family.  I want special times be remembered. If I can give someone these feelings when they look at their pictures, that is what excites me and brings me such happiness and contentment.

What role do you play on the farm?
When I got married I knew nothing about living/working on a farm. I was a city girl. So everything about it was new to me. I remember learning how to drive a stick shift on a regular truck. Then I learned to drive a dump truck, and that became my job. I would put my babies in their car seats and off we would go hauling corn and hay.  I did this for over 20 years. The job that was a little more challenging was the “gofor job”- Go for this, go for that, Now go back and change it. :) I know farmers wives will understand this job! We sometimes just have to do it.  About 12 years ago I retired from truck driving and started doing the farm books. It is pretty much a full time job now.  I love working on the with my family. I have learned a lot and I am grateful for the experiences I have had.

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