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It is easy to go to the store and grab a gallon of milk or a container of yogurt, but many of us don’t know the farmers, the people, and the families behind the nutritious dairy products we enjoy. This blog is brought to you by the Dairy Council of UT/NV and designed to connect you with your local farmers and offer a glimpse into what life is like on a Utah or Nevada dairy farm. We hope you will enjoy meeting and getting to know your dairy farmers. We believe that food tastes better when we know where it’s from!

Meet the voices of “The Cow Locale.”

Kristi Spence ice cream

Kristi Spence: “I also love ice cream!”

Kristi Spence: As the Vice President of Communications for the Dairy Council, Kristi is a registered dietitian and board certified as a specialist in sport dietetics. Kristi works with health professionals and dairy farmers to communicate dairy’s positive message in order to improve the health of our community and showcase the care, hard work and dedication that goes into and creating fresh dairy foods. Kristi loves spending time with her family, running, hiking, and tinkering in the kitchen.

Becky Low

Becky Low

Becky Low: Becky is the Vice President of the Dairy Council of UT/NV and has been providing nutrition research and educational materials for schools, health professionals, and nutrition educators for the past 15 years. Becky has also been the expert on a weekly KSL TV cooking segment since 1995 (Tune in to Studio 5 Friday mornings at 11:00). When she’s not helping consumers integrate the science of nutrition into their diets, Becky enjoys cooking, camping, and collecting books. Becky is in charge of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program in Utah – helping students, program advisors and schools to eat health, get active, and make a difference


Braden Anderson

Braden Anderson

Braden Anderson has grown up on his family’s farm in Newton, UT. For as long as he can remember, he has wanted to be around and work with cattle. He enjoys working with his dad and hopes to take over someday as the fourth generation of Andersons to own, manage, and operate the dairy. In addition to enjoying farm life, Braden loves playing baseball.

Robyn Buttars

Robyn Buttars is the author of two award winning country fiction books, Christmas Rose and Simply Jenny (soon to be released as Country Tied.). She and her husband, Kent, are the parents of six children and grandparents of three. They live in Lewiston, Utah on the dairy farm that has been in the family for three generations. Robyn is a registered nurse and award-winning composer. Visit Robyn on her blog: robynbuttars.blogspot.com

Val and Bill Christoph

Val and Bill Christoph

In 1976 Val Christoph and her husband Bill established Liberty Jersey Farm in Fallon, NV. Val loves being on the farm. She works alongside her husband and everything about the dairy farm lifestyle. Their 3 children are grown and off to college, but Val keeps busy. She is the farm’s CFO and loves to embroider, read historical fiction, and spend time in the kitchen. She is always looking for new dairy recipes.

Ellissa Clark

Ellissa Clark

Ellissa Clark is a busy 18-year old. She lives on her family’s dairy farm with her older brother and 4 younger sisters in Morgan, UT. In addition to milking cows, chopping corn, participating in 4H and serving an active role in her high school, Ellissa loves soccer, skiing & snowboarding, and is a member of the Morgan High School Track Team. Ellissa will be representing the Utah’s farmers as a 2014 State Dairy Ambassador.

Jennifer Olsen

Jennifer Olsen

Jennifer Olsen is a self-proclaimed “Jill of all Trades.” Her husband Mike Olsen is a 3rd generation dairyman on Sage Hill Farm in Fallon, Nevada. She is a certified teacher but a new mom of two little boys and busy with the farm – Jennifer is the bookkeeper, hay-chopper, and assists the vet at each visit.

Katharine Nye

Katharine Nye

Katharine Nye was 3 years old when her family moved their 400 cows from Connecticut, to Delta, Utah.  In the 19 years since, they’ve grown to 3,000 milking Holsteins.  Katharine’s love and passion for the dairy industry come from days spent on the farm with her parents and two brothers. From the first time she pulled on muck boots at the age of two, her love and commitment to cows and dairies has only grown.  She owns a small herd of 43 registered Holstein dairy cattle, and enjoys showing them around the state.  She is currently a junior at Utah State University, majoring in dairy science and agriculture leadership, and is looking forward to rejoining her family in the dairy business upon graduation.

Lacey Papageorge

Lacey Papageorge

Lacey Papageorge grew up on Pappy’s Farm in Weber County where her father and grandfather run and operate a multi-generational dairy and breed award-winning stock. She is passionate about showing dairy cattle and is active in FFA and 4H. Lacey attends Utah State University in Logan, UT  where she is majoring in Dairy Science and spent 2013 representing our local dairy industry as a State Dairy Ambassador.

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