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  2. Salem

    Why aren’t the cows on pasture? If your methods are so safe, natural, healthy & environmentally friendly, then why does a tractor spread the manure? Sounds like these Utah dairy farmers could take some lessons from Joel Salatin. Then they wouldn’t be working so hard & having to be so heavily subsidized. I would honestly hate to see any more dairy farmers go out of business, but if they don’t catch on to the lies of the USDA & other corrupt agencies about raw milk (esp. grass-fed) being “inherently dangerous” they may just find themselves out of customers. They are disconnected just enough from the consumer that they don’t know what we want. Don’t tell us we can’t determine what is safe or healthy for our families & then support the bullying of raw milk producers so you can continue to “comfortably” produce under a faulty production model & be subsidized with the taxpayers hard earned money. If your product doesn’t make it in the marketplace being sold at its true cost, then it isn’t worth producing. This is true for battery raised poultry, CAFO’s, and any industrial agriculture. Down with the subsidies, but not the farmers. When you are willing to put a lower price tag on your product then what provides you a reasonable living (without subsidies), then you not only sell yourself short but also everyone else wanting to be agriculturists. It’s dispicable.

    • Thank you for taking the time to view our video and comment on our blog. In Utah, consumers have a choice and can purchase raw milk from licensed farms and suppliers. Farmers establish their management practices based on a variety of factors including farm and herd size, location, environment, and feed options, but regardless of their individual farming styles, each of our dairy farm families is deeply committed to caring for their animals, protecting the land, and producing the highest quality milk possible.

  3. Elan Shmueli

    Iv enjoyed watching the movie about the dairy farms being a dairy farmer myself in Israel I understand every aspect of it
    Thank you for the nice clip

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